We pride ourselves on identifying the best possible executive candidates for your organization by paying close attention to how they fit within your business strategy, culture, management team and employee group. To get there, we use a time-proven, comprehensive approach.

  • Organization Assessment +

    A search assignment begins with a thorough assessment of an organization’s structure, strategic goals, culture and leadership needs. We interview key members of your management team to develop a thorough understanding of the position and organization.
  • Position Specification +

    We then prepare a position specification including a detailed candidate description as well as goals and objectives to be achieved by the new executive.
  • Candidate Identification/Development +

    We plan a local, regional or national search as appropriate, targeting a variety of sources and potential candidates using our contacts in the healthcare recruiting business and the firm’s extensive database.
  • Candidate Interviews +

    Using a variety of interviewing and screening techniques, we conduct in-depth interviews with each candidate and determine the fit of potential candidates and the level of interest in the position.
  • Presentation of Candidates +

    Once we have evaluated the most qualified candidates, we schedule a meeting with the key contact to review each candidate in depth.
  • Reference Checking/Education Verification +

    We speak with appropriate references including supervisors, peers and direct reports to better understand each candidate’s skills and track record. In addition, we verify all candidates’ academic degrees.
  • Interviews and Debriefing +

    We coordinate interviews between you and the candidates. Following each interview we debrief both parties to gauge mutual interest and assess the likelihood of a successful placement.
  • Negotiation Assistance +

    Once an organization decides to extend an offer, we are available to assist you in preparing and negotiating an executive compensation package.
  • Follow Up +

    We commit to stay in close contact with you and the new executive for at least one year to ensure a smooth transition and successful long-term match.
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